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Maria Lourdes Moratinos Olorón Ste. Marie was born in Pamplona (Spain), although

she is of a French origin.

She started studies in Nursing and Philosophy in Universidad de Navarra and UNED

Pamplona and finished the studies in Naturopathy by FEDINE. She is a recognised

therapist in Regulación energética by the school of Xabier Sánchez de Munian (6 years


She has a master in Non-verbal Behaviour by the University “Camilo José Cela” in

Madrid, by UDIMA (Open University of Madrid) and by the Behaviour & Law

University Foundation.

María Lourdes Moratinos received master classes on Schüssler Salts by the homeopath

D. Santiago Bilbao Arrola



1 Calcium fluoratum

2 Calcium phosphoricum

3 Ferrum phosphoricum

4 Kalium chloratum

5 Kalium phosphoricum

6 Kalium sulfuricum

7 Magnesium phosphoricum

8 Natrium chloratum

9 Natrium phosphoricum

10 Natrium sulfuricum

11 Silicea

12 Calcium sulfuricum









 The classes will take place in Pamplona (Spain) and comprise 2 month intensive


The dates for the courses are:

From 15th of October to 15th of December

From 15th of January to 15th of March

From 15th of April to 15th of June

Everyone who wants to attend to a second intensive course will have notice it one

month in advance.

The cost of the course with full board (accommodation and meals) is of 600 euros per

month (4 students per class).

Medicine students who finished their studies will become a 300 euros scholarship per


A rigorous selection will be made to the candidates.


A basic level of Spanish is essential.

Classes will be 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from 10am to 13pm.

We will work on the therapy (Terapia de Regulación Energética) in all its aspects.

-Mental Void (Mushin)

-Unblocking and feeling the “energy” in our hands

-Energetic meridians

-Shiatsu Zen

-Katsugen undo




-Schüssler Salts

-Complementary Actions (Hydrotherapy, Clay Therapy, Medicinal Plants, Eating

Habits, Way of Thinking)

-Treat any illness and get to know its origin

Online Classes

Skype connection will be made on Fridays

from 10am to 13pm.

The student will participate in the class as

any other student.


It is compulsory for the student to attend to a

face-to- face class once a year (a weekend

in June, date to be determined)

Reservar plaza                       100€/mes

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Students will collaborate two days per week in an organic farm, in the morning or in the

afternoon. The rest of the time will be free for students.

The Ecologic Agriculture Centre is headed by agricultural engineers in a beautiful place

in front of a lake (Eugi, Spain).

This Centre works with Medicinal Plants and Organic Farming.


The Clinic and House are located in the centre of Pamplona, with all services around,

but in a privileged place with a peaceful and tranquillity environment.

The cohabitation in the house will be made by sharing typical tasks, such as cleaning,

cooking, etc.

In the house respect and silence are demanded, although the garden can be used for the



A PhD is being carried out on this Therapy with the Europa-Viadrina University

(Frankfurt-Oder) and the Albert-Ludwigs University (Freiburg). The research is being

made by Paula Olaz under the supervision of Prof. Dr. dr. phil. Harald Walach.

Different clinical studies are being carried out in several Hospitals in Europe in which

patients with different illnesses are receiving this therapy and positive improvements are

being shown.

Participants in our courses are highly encouraged to engage in the PhD and share their

medical knowledge by writing papers or participating actively and collaborating in further


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