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A way to health A form of therapy
A means of evolution

By Xabier Sanchez de Muniain

This web page was created by Xabier Sanchez de Muniain, who developed and invented this new way of working with energy. I must inform you that unfortunately he left us and that my desire, as the only student who has followed his knowledge, is to maintain this web site, so that anyone interested can get information about this fantastic technique.

This technique has provided so much wellness and therefore he made this website with deep affection to all. My name is Marïa Lourdes Moratinos y Oloron and I finished my studies with Xabier Sïanchez de Muniain, some years before he died and currently I give lessons to teach this technique and I work in a consulting room treating people with this Regulacion Energetica technique. .





The Regulacion Energetica is a therapy aimed at the vital energy balance.

The relationship between this energy and health is no mystery. We all turn to his healing power when we get a blow or an impact in our body. The instinctive action of leading your hands to the damaged area has no sense but the dispersion of the energy accumulated in that point as a result of the blow.


By doing so, unconsciously, the energy itself its balanced, thus reducing pain and facilitating the recovery.It is important to understand that the human body is similar to a chain, formed by many links, from which some are strong and some others weaker. When the circumstances of life put pressure on this chain- tiredness, anxiety etc. � the failure arises in the weakest links. It is therefore the weak links that have to be looked after. The way to do so is by distributing the body strength-the energy- in a balanced way in the whole body.


While the imbalance in the body acts as accumulating too much energy in the strong points and emptying from energy the weak points, the Regulaciïon Energïetica technique acts in the opposite direction: by leading excess energy from the strong areas to the weakest areas.


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There exists one Universal Energy, in capital letters, an energy that encompasses and contains everything, of which we are all part. All this means that the Cosmos, the Universe and everything that is created, both the spiritual and the material are part of that Energy, that is, its manifestations.

But it is also true that this primary energy manifests through many other specific forms of energy, in the same was as the tree trunk, unique, is decomposed into a multitude of individualized branches. In the picture we can see the Vital Energy or ki, flowing from one hand to another and provoking the movement of the hands in the space.



When scientists talk about energy they refer to the potential forces, that intelligently used can produce work. The material energies such as electricity, steam, magnetism, atomic energy or the natural energies-wind, solar etc.- , or the ones that can be found in explosives or petroleum.


All this energy forms have in common that neither are biologic or intelligent. It could be said that they are gross energy and their effects are down to what we use from them. However, there is one biological and intelligent energy, that tends to the preservation of life and that is vital energyï. This energy is present in all beings from the vegetal and animal world. And so it is in human beings, and plays a dual fundamental function.


On the one hand, it has the function to preserve life and preserve health. That is why there is a direct relationship between the vital energy state of the person and his/her level of health. The energy is in the whole body and its characteristic is dynamicity, because it flows actively in all directions.

A reduction on the energy flow or a complication in any body area immediately means there will be happening some problems in that point. A blow or an impact in our body produces an energetic stagnation in the impacted zone and the recovery of the damaged area only starts when this stuck energy flows again normally.



The same happens with diseases or dysfunctions in the body, that is, these imply an energetic imbalance, which in early stages is a result from an excess of stuck energy. Healing involves always a return to the energetic balance, so until we do not get this balance the healing is not possible. A properly constituted body needs a minimum of energy for its proper functioning, so that when this minimum is not reached the body or organism starts to fail due to lack of strength. So happens in old age, when the body fails due to a lack of energy. However, during life, at any age, it can also occur a failure due to a lack of energy if most of the energy is stuck. In this situation the body lacks of strength to recover from the problems that continually arise. Hence, it is very important to take action in the state of our energy with the purpose of maintaining it in a permanently balanced status, always within our ability.


When a body has its energy balanced, almost all the health problems recover on their own, without the need to recourse to external remedies, such as medications.This state of balance in human beings, as a basis for health was empathised in the time of Hippocrates. At that time, the value of the healing power of living organisms was recognised, what Hippocrates had himself called healing power of nature. Another important task of energy is to liaise between so different components such as the physical body and the soul.



This function of vital energy, as a link between body and soul is of an extraordinary importance, and, as far as I have known, has never before been explained by anyone. Hippocrates (400 B.C., Cos Island) had this intuition by insisting in the relationship between soul, body and environment in order to reach a balance needed to maintain health. Unfortunately, Western medicine has not understood these viewpoints and has developed in the opposite direction to the Hippocratic principles. (for further details see cap. II from Book). This knowledge of the body�s energy is a heritage from the East for many centuries.




In India it was calledpranaï and its practical implementation was developed through the different yogas. In China it was calledchï(a word for gas or ether) and its practical implementation was developed in the Taoism and Confuncianism. It is precisely this energy, which is taken as a basis for acupuncture. In this latter technique we can find the meridians of energy, one of the most important channels in the body. During the Han period (206. B.C-220 A.C) Chinese medicine was structured as a compound of ideas that were written down in classical medical texts.


In all these theories, balance is a key concept. The Chinese classics claim that disease occurs when the body looses its balance and the chï cannot flow properly, which is completely true. But the hard part is moving from theory to practice and it is this important step that the Regulaciïon Energetica teaches to perform. In Japan the knowledge of energy, called kiï, was received from China and developed in the Nara periods (VIII century in our Era) and in subsequent periods.


In the figure on the left in Shinmei Kishiïs calligraphy we can see the ideogram representative of kiï


The Buddhist thought in India was particularly important and was introduced in Japan through China, where it was developed as the Zen Buddhism. This way, a new tradition was developed: a tradition basedon the knowledge of human being as an energetic being. Applications of this tradition reached all the areas of culture: arts, war, medicine, philosophy and meditation. Similarly, as it happened in China, new forms of energetic therapies were developed in Japan, such as �siatsu� or acupressure, based on the knowledge of the meridians of energy.



However, the vital energy is throughout the entire body, not only in the so-called meridians. This is the reason why the most effective energetic therapies, such as Regulacïon Energetica, acts on any part of the body irrespectively. Any point in the body is a point of contact with the vital energy. In the East, different from the western way of thinking, the concept of �prana�, �ch�i� or �ki� covers a very wide area, which encompasses everything considered as energy.


The ambiguity of the term is not an obstacle for East people, because their not Cartesian mind is accustomed to living together with ambiguity and mystery.


In fact, the East has been much more interested in the practical applications of ki than deepening in its theoretical knowledge. But today it is the time for the man of the third millennium to dare to unite practice and knowledge. It is no longer enough to merely repeating what others said in past centuries, as if it was an unquestioned and closed dogma.


Quite the opposite, everything must be continuously reviewed and updated especially on such a sensitive matter and taking into account the superior comprehension capacity of contemporary men, who are much more developed than centuries ago.


Much of the knowledge inherited from ancient traditions of the East is still valid. But some other knowledge must be corrected and updated, because the time remaining for men to reach the maximum understanding of themselves it�s being dramatically reduced. And the vital energy is precisely a key point to advance in human beings knowledge.



In the second half of the twentieth century, this knowledge of the vital energy has arrived to the West. Not only through the knowledge of Eastern philosophies, but also through the knowledge of its medicine, especially the acupuncture.



The contributions of the West in this field have not been much, with the exception of the one realized by Reich in Bioenergy based on the vital energy, which he called orgon. Furthermore, physics teaches that even matter is energy, and atomic energy is nothing more than the liberation of the enclosed energysmatter. So, if even matter is energy, how couldnt human beings be so in a greater extent?


The official medicine considers only the body energy synthesized as ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate), but this is only a transmuted form of the energy contained in the food. The man, as a whole, is a big energetic battery in contact with a natural environment that is pure energy (or it was so, until man, insensitive to the environmental energy, has impoverished and polluted it). Man is an energetic microcosm and is continuously interacting with the energetic macrocosm of the Universe, especially throughout breathing.


That is why all the oriental ways of purification and evolution (Yogas, Shintoism, Taoism, Zen etc.) have given a great importance to breathing. In the understanding that breathing is the energy exchange referred to the pulmonary breathing, which is realized throughout the entire body, and not only in the lungs. The official medicine of our social security system (Seguridad Social) deals with health indirectly, fighting against disease. But there is another way of therapy, in many ways much more advanced that deals with health directly, through the balance of the vital energy. Because, at the end, the health state of the body is the consequence of the state of its energy.


The air, if it is clean, it is charged with energyprana for Hindus-. An impoverished and polluted air lacks much of its energy. The same happens with water. The water that flows in streams and falls from cascades has not the same energy, such as the stagnant water in a swamp or the water tank. The flesh from a dead animal has no vital energy, because it disappears at the moment of death. That is however, not the case of vegetables.


A freshly cut fruit maintains the plenitude of its vital energy for some time, and looses it slowly. That is why when eating that fruit, we eat its living energy, which has nothing to do with the caloric power of the food.


The vital energy can be felt by any trained person who has a clean and sensitive organism. This perception can be realized with the whole body, but especially with the hands. Unfortunately, many people are not even able to feel their physical body, or are only aware of it when it hurts, what means that they are only sensitive to pain.


My hope is that the man of the third millennium ventures into the field of the vital energy with all the consequences it entails. This field is the doorway, among others, to go into the self-knowledge and spiritual evolution. That is why I say in the main page that Regulacion Energetica is a form of therapy, but it is also a path towards health and a means of evolution.


In order to treat diseases it is enough to know the power of the medicament, but to look after health entirely, we must know the human beings. And for that it is essential to know who we are in depth, the energy that we are, that is, our vital energy. Moreover, if we are not able to feel us as vital energy, what possibilities do we have to feel our soul? The soul is also an energetic reality, not something confusing from religious believes.


I am not personally interested in religions, food for immature people. However, I am very interested in the reality, the total reality we are, that involves everything that is, what we see and we do not see. For that reason the knowledge of energy contains many aspects. One of these aspects is the physical health, the most immediate and practical. Since this energy is responsible for the care of this machine, that is, our human body, it is of paramount importance to keep it in the best functioning conditions.


That is what we call to balance energy, and this is the purpose of Regulacion Energeticas practice. Another aspect is to allow us stepping into the comprehension of what we are. In order to do that, we require the knowledge of some of the basic keys, such as the ones presented in the First Part of the Book. To learn more about this vital energy�s issue, read chapters I.5, I.6, I.7 and III.1 of the Book.








The Regulacion Energ�tica deals with the balance of the Vital Energy. Then, this Vital Energy acts intelligently restoring lost health and improving the bodily functioning.


In fact, the capacity of restoring its health is inside each person, and this capacity is continuously altered by our defective way of living or external circumstances. In this regard, it is very little what people consciously do for themselves. If health is continuously being restored it is because there exists an inner healing and intelligent force that acts at all times. This healing force is produced by the Vital Energy.



Why then is it necessary to resort to the Regulacion Energetica? Very simple, because our energy state is subject to continuous changes and imbalances. In such a way, that its restoring health capacity is practically cancelled.


In the same way as a perfected car engine is able to achieve its fullest potential, a balanced vital energy is able to produce a maximumrecovery against the aggressions exposed to the body organism. On the contrary, even a strong body organism can succumb to any slight contagious illness if its energy is stuck, because when energy is stuck it is paralyzed and not able to react appropriately.


What characterizes the vital energy is its dynamicity. A maximum dynamism means a maximum response capacity, a maximum adaptive capacity and a maximum health. It is an energy that can contract and dilate to the maximum, the same way as a spring in perfect conditions can adapt to all circumstances. A balanced energy is dynamic and elastic and allows individuals to move from states of tension to relaxation.


However, a partially blocked energy is similar to a stuck spring that is not able to contract or dilate. It is an energy that produces a body without elasticity, with little response capacity, unable to recover and react. In such cases the person cannot concentrate or relax. Moreover, a stuck energy means in practice a loss of energetic potential in a person. Any change in climate, feeding, social or familiar relations and work will be a cause of the persons physical and psychological collapse.


Health encompasses everything: the physical, the emotional and the mental. And energy acts indistinctly in any of these fields, as a uniting, global and coordinated way.



A well practice in Regulacion Energetica returns dynamicity to energy little by little and the person gains vitality, ability to solving problems in harmony and health. Real energy is also gained, because the person has now an energy that was before unused. In order to achieve this, it is not necessary to have a deep knowledge, because it is not the mind that decides how to do it, instead, it is the person�s been practiced vital energy, that intelligently decides how to work. In fact, it is the other�s energy that moves the hands of the person who is acting.


This energy leads the hands to the places where the contact is necessary. It is therefore central and fundamental to clearly feel the energy and then to act without thinking, without making decisions, letting the energy to lead and guide us. It is not about giving energy to others, that would not be fair or right. Each person has its own energy some more than others- and each is responsible for making the most of it. What can be done is to help the persons energy to make the most of its capacity. The aim is to help returning to energy its maximum vital potential.


Regulacion Energetica is an important help, often plays a decisive role, but it never impersonates any person and is far from creating dependency.




Asking for help is perfectly legitimate, but then the person must learn to live within its means, with the maximum self-sufficiency. What is not legitimate is to continuously neglect oneïs own life and then resorting to others work, so that they correct what we are continuously damaging.


The basic rule in the work of Regulacion Energetica is to contact the vital energy and let yourself guide by this energy. This energy knows where to go at all times, and which are the priorities of each person. That is why each R.E. treatment is different. Therefore no two are alike. At the end of the work, when the treatment is finished the state of energy is completely different to the one in the beginning. Am I already cured? Ask some people. No, you are not cured, but now your energy is much more able to realize its health recovery work.


The energy is now in a different state, although the person does not feel it. And it is this balanced energy that starts to act immediately restoring health.


Sometimes even the balanced energyïs reactions are amazing due to its intensity. Normal symptoms may happen, such as extreme tiredness within hours, or aching body, although little has been touched. These are always beneficial signals of the bodys reaction. However, there are no miracles here. An unbalanced body state for years cannot be changed only in one session, but through lots of them.



All depends on the persons own body strength, because it is the persons energy, that produces its recovery. We ask for miracles to the people who help us, but in this case we must ask for miracles to our own energy. Do we have an energy able to produce a miracle to instantaneous cure? Certainly not. But even if we had this ability to produce a cure through only one therapeutic treatment, the bodys reaction would be so strong and intense that nobody would like to suffer from it.


Let the body. It is intelligent and knows what suits us. In any case it always acts according to its own strength and the unbalance to overcome. Finally, everything is a result of acting and opposing force correlations, that is, our energys curing force and the unbalance to be overcome.


This topic about Regulacion Energetica is extended in the chapters V.1, V.2 and V.3 from the Book.




The R.E operates on the Vital Energy. This means it operates on any health field, because the energy is in charge of the body�s global balance and the recovery of its specific imbalances. Whereas different medicines act in isolated cases and through specific medicaments for each situation, the vital energy acts on a global scale in the whole body and produces an intense reaction or response in the organism against any imbalance.


This reaction or response depends only on the bodys available energy and on its state of balance. This energy varies from person to person, and logically decreases with age.


Let us imagine for a moment, a tree consisting of a trunk and a bundle of branches. Suppose that a problem occurs to any of its branches. All the different medicines require a previous identification of the problem and would provide a specific remedy for this particular branch.


On the contrary, the R.E would act from inside, through the trees trunk and sap. R.E. would balance energy and then this latter would be in charge of producing the necessary health repairs. There is only one necessary diagnostic, one that identifies the energetic imbalance and has nothing to do with the so-called illnesses.


There is health and its different loss states in descending order, due to the energetic imbalance. But in terms of energy, it makes no sense to speak about illnesses, because its previous definition is only a conventionalism made to facilitate the application of an external specific remedy.


To read more about this click on the books chapter V.3.







The R.E. is made through the contact of the hands, because hands are the best tools to perceive the vital energy of human beings. This contact can be made through the palm of the hand or fingertips by gentle or strong pressure.


But in any case, what makes no sense is the hands mechanical action in the body. What it really works is the connection with the vital energy. These forms of contact would not produce any meaningful result if the energy was not perceived.


The contact can be established directly on the skin, or, even better, on a soft cotton cloth. Acrylic fibres and leather make it very difficult to work with energy. For the same reason, when wearing these materials in everyday clothing, they also make the energetic breathing of the body difficult.


That is, hands are our working tools and that is why they must be special hands. Boxers, farmers, artists or R.E. practitioners have not the same kind of hands.


In order to work with this technique, the hands must be able to clearly feel the vital energy. And as hands are an inseparable part of our body, everyone who practices R.E. must be sensitive to energy.


As in everything else, it is essential that there exist innate conditions, in the same way as it happens in practicing music, dance, drawing or mathematics. Furthermore, these conditions are developed through a good practice. Otherwise, more special conditions are not required to be able to practice this technique, as it happens with any art. Anyone is able to feel energy one way or another. But, if you want to work with this energy, the perception must be the highest.



The golden rule of working with this energy is not to act. That is, not to be us who move hands from one place to another. It is the persons energy we are working with that moves our hands and decides in each moment in what bodys part we must act. It is the energy that acts, limiting ourselves to open the way through the body. We cannot transmit energy with this technique.


Each person has its own energy and must manage it the best possible way. What can be done is to balance this energy. Basically, this balance consists in dispersing the excessive accumulated energy in some parts and in accumulating it in the empty parts where there is a lack of it.


But this cannot be done in any way, this must create an intense energetic centering, that is, a balanced global state in the person. In order to make this happen, the work usually starts in the most overloaded areas- shoulders, neck, nape, trapezium, head- and then descends to the weakest areas of the abdomen and legs.


Finally, the work is completed when the energy is balanced on the centre of the abdomen, which is the energetic centre of each person. This centre is located three fingers below the navel, and its strength measures the centering level of the person.


Many people say that they work with the energy because they feel it. But one thing is to feel it and a very different thing is to be able to balance it, empowering the imbalanced person with a good centering. It is only the centered persons energy that is able to give balance to its own body and to restore health.


The basis of a good work in R.E. is to feel the energy clearly. Then, the secret is to touch the precise points, in the proper order, in the perfect time and the right way. In order to touch effectively one point and to correct its energy, the energy must first go to that point. That is why the R.E. treatment consists of an exact process of getting adapted, as possible, to the energetic needs of the body.


The more we adapt to these needs, the more effective the work will be. When the energy goes during the treatment process to one point, and leads our hands to that point, the energys balancing action in that exact point can be very fast. But if we try to act at our discretion, the result will be null and even a negative.


To read more about this topic go to chapter V.2, and to the second part of the book.







The R.E. as a therapy initiates the person into the first steps of a way towards health, understood as its broadest concept. In order to exercise properly R.E., there must be a corresponding accompanied teaching. A teaching about the problems to overcome, its causes, the way to act on them, and about the ways of living in general.


The main objective is to make people self-sufficient, returning their lost strength to them, that is, the strength they need to live by themselves.


People need to be taught to feel their body, to be in contact with it, to feel their breathing and to breathe correctly, to work in the natural stretching, to eat well, to reduce everyday the gathering anxiety, to live with a tranquil rhythm, recovering a deep breathing, emptyingthe mind, so that energy can go down to its natural centre, the abdomen-Hara in Japanese culture-.


It is only when the energy is well established in the abdomen, its centre, that the person is centered or balanced. This centering is the foundation upon which body health and spiritual evolution are built. Everything is connected: body, breathing, mind, energy and soul. But it is not possible for people to reach the soul, the most subtle and inward part, if previously they have not gone first, through knowledge and body care, and then through energy.



All are steps towards a goal, but they have a proper order. That is, the first is a prerequisite for the latter and so on. Trying to connect with the soul without knowing to connect with our own body is caused by ignorance. We must go first to our body, which is the most easily perceptible. Then, to the vital energy, and from this latter to another subtle energy, which is the soul. From the superficial to the deep, from the lowest to the highest, from the support of the Earth to the loneliness of the sky, where there is only weightlessness.


In this respect, when working with R.E. we are working on the vital energys field of the person, and consequently, on the other two fields where the action of this energy is realized: the physical bodys field and the souls field.


The R.E.s action on the body is evident. Anyone can experience it. However, the action this therapy has on the soul is only clearly perceived by the ones, who persevere longer time in it, within their strength. But it is in all that this action is produced in soul, although achieving these effects depends greatly on ones attitude.


Particularly, the connection between energy and soul, driver of the persons spiritual evolution, depends on the level of balance. Only the person with a well-balanced energy is able to connect easily with its soul.


The same happens with a tree. Its roots determine its growing capacity. That is why R.Es ultimate goal is the centering or balance of the energy. In other words, R.Es objective is to produce a balanced human being, with of a strong centre, and therefore, able to evolve inwardly fully and firmly.


Previous to the treatment the persons energy is unbalanced and the energy is accumulated in the superior part of the body, withouth exception, that is, in the shoulders, nuca and the head.


At the end of the treatment the energy must be in the centre of the abdomen, necesarily and if the work has been done correctly, In that moment we can really say that person is different from the person he/she was before. There has been a change, a deep change.


It is not possible to explain here in detail the efecto and the importance of the centering/balancing. You can read much more about this in che chapters of the book that explain this topic. The goal is not to work on the energy, there are lot of people who do that, but instead to balance that energy and return the lost centre to the person, a centre that he/she may have not had for a long time.


To work on energy is easy, but to do it badly may be unbalancing and dangerous. To do it correctly is extremely difficult, especially if we do not limit ourselves to get local effects, but to work in balancing the totality.


To create balance is to lay the foundations for starting to walk that way from within.


Throughout balance a better relaxation with oneself is produced and also an intense connection with the Earth, basis of our growing, that is, energy in our feet and a physical, emotional and mental balance. Health is a tool for living, not the aim of life. The persons evolution, much more important is a clear purpose of life.


However, health andevolution are closely linked, because a body that lives with apermanent unbalanced energy, will hardly evolve.


Finally, the evolution is a result of health, which encompasses the totality of the person.


To read more about this topic go to chapters III.2, III.3, III.4 and III.5, of the book.





To work with the hands to communicate with anotherïs energy, and to help him/her to recover health is something innovative in our world, made by technology and lack of communication.


Bare hands are so little technological! And, however it is marvellous and surprising tosee how the simple contact with hands is able to solve problems that hospital medicine, even with all its highly sophisticated means of diagnosis and treatment is unable to cure.


This fact should make people to think over the mystery that is a person as an energetic being.


Everyday new spectacular progresses are being announced in genetic engineering. It is said that the knowledge on human genome will allow, in a few years, to cure a lot of illnesses and prolonger peoples lives.


The question is: will this longer life be better? What it counts, I think is not the duration of life, but how we live it. Therefore, we must place emphasis on the way of life, more than on the number of years we live.


And this is where medicine, on this point, remains silent, with nothing to do, with nothing to say about it. Because, what does it medicine know about life and human beings? Perhaps, a lot of illnesses will be cured, but new ones will arise, because to doe is a basic necessity of human beings.


In any case, the important thing is to learn to live. And how to learn to live when we dont know much about us, when we ignore even the basic fact that we are energetic beings?


The R.E. is a tangible evidence that proves what we are, and that our necessities can be solved by energetic balance.


It is important to develop the science of medicine, but it is even more important to learn to develop the abilities that human beings have, which is not a collective work, but individual work. If human beings do not develop, and science is the only that does so, this human is going to live everyday more dependent on medicine and subject to it.


But this is dangerous, because where does then his freedom remain? We must realize that the destiny of men is to grow in freedom, which requires self-sufficiency.


But, how to be self-sufficient when we are becoming increasingly more dependent? Wont it be necessary to create self-sufficiency that we develop to the maximum extent our own abilities?


Society moves on, but what about individual human beings? The individual progress can only be measured by maturity and freedom, and this is only reachable when first encountering oneself and inner development.


But is this what nowadays happens? I am sorry not. I am afraid that we are moving to almighty societies made up of increasingly weakened and dependent societies. One thing leads to another.


That is why I say that human beings must recover their interior roots, which are the result of our energetic centering. To speak about human beings roots is not only a beautiful metaphor, but something real. Because when these roots happen in the person a different connection to the Earth arises, as if by magic.


Then, at that moment our feet tread heavily the Earth, dialoguing with it and becoming one with it. Then, at that moment our spinal column stretches upward, effortless. Thus, we recover the total dignity of the straight human beings, beautifully stood up straight, proud to be human beings and to walk the Earth.


The dignity of human beings is not a result of their knowledge or their purchasing power, but a result of the way of living, which is reflected in the way of standing straight, walk and live life. Everything is connected.


The roots are not in the past, and even less in the collective past. They are part of the living present of each person. We carry them inside to develop them.


In these times of globalisation, human beings must recover their totality unifying body and soul, their exterior with their inward, their Earth with their sky.


But, in order to do so, the person must start by recovering its centre, which returns the persons roots and connects with its energetic soul. Then, at that moment, the men can truly say: I AM.


The work of recovering the centre is one of the most beautiful that men can do. That is R.Es objective, which is much more than simply healing any body pain or illness.


In this new twenty-first century of technology, human beings have the important task ahead of the self discovering, and especially, of the discovering of their inner centre.


This is the same task to which R.E. dedicates itself, a task in which is collaborating.In the photography, we can see the final treatment moment, where the energy is in the abdomens centre. All the work with R.E. has always been aimed at achieving this centering/balance. From there on, the energy operates as a whole with a centre, that is, as a unity.


This topic can be found in greater detail in the first part of the BookLa regulaciOn Energïtica and in the Chapter X. of the second part of the book (Las raIces del hombre). Anyone who would like to read about it can download for free this content in this webpage


La energia vital/the vital energy

The regulacion energetica/Energetic balance

How does it work

How is it realized

 The ultimate goal

Final thoughts

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